Using JavaScript Web Workers for Asynchronous Tasks

Intro JavaScript’s concurrency model until recently has been non-existent. Asynchronous calls like AJAX or event handlers are actually scheduled along a single execution thread, with each event waiting its turn. This is very useful in the browser, where you want to be absolutely sure that you are not manipulating the DOM in a haphazard fashion. […]

Design Patterns in JavaScript — Revisited

Intro My original post on this subject did not dive deep into true “design patterns” but rather on basic inheritance in JavaScript. Since inheritance can be done in multiple ways in JavaScript, how you choose to inherit is itself a design pattern. This particular article will look into implementing common OOP design patterns in JavaScript, […]

OOP in JavaScript

Intro In this article I will introduce you to some common design patterns in JavaScript, including patterns commonly seen in OOP languages, with some compare and contrast after each explanation when useful. Background There’s a common thread in the programming community that JavaScript isn’t a real language. After all, it doesn’t appear to support inheritance, data […]