Cross-platform Image Preview and Capture with Xamarin Forms

Introduction Recently, we had a need to be able to capture images efficiently and to process those images in Xamarin Forms. We were doing this image processing as part of a label reading view for our app onboarding process. This image capture had to be: Efficient Low-memory Simple As it turned out, this isn’t too […]

The Real Way to Move Your WordPress Site to the Root Directory

Introduction WordPress is a very popular blog and CMS system based on PHP, and can be a great and fast solution to many web site management and development issues for simple websites, blogs, and E-commerce solutions. By default, WordPress is usually installed in a wordpress directory, which many users move to the root web directory. […]

Disabling State Auto-Update in OpenHAB 2

Intro One major complication of using openHAB in an enterprise environment is that the event handling does not always play nice with custom bindings. There are times when you would like to control the state updates through your binding, instead of the state being immediately updated after a command is posted. In openHAB 1 you […]

Creating a Custom UI for openHAB 2

Intro OpenHAB is a home automation framework running on top of well known Java technologies like OSGi. OpenHAB is developed in such a way that the average user could simply open up the prepackaged user interfaces and be able to start communicating with the devices in their home through available bindings. However, it’s often the […]

Using JavaScript Web Workers for Asynchronous Tasks

Intro JavaScript’s concurrency model until recently has been non-existent. Asynchronous calls like AJAX or event handlers are actually scheduled along a single execution thread, with each event waiting its turn. This is very useful in the browser, where you want to be absolutely sure that you are not manipulating the DOM in a haphazard fashion. […]

Dependency Injection in .NET MVC 5 and WebApi

Intro Dependency injection is a very popular concept today, usually as part of an MVC web application. Many new frameworks use DI by default, such as AngularJS and .NET Core, but what do those of us working on previous version of .NET MVC do? Well, there’s a solution. MVC 5 provides many areas where we […]

Digit Classification with TensorFlow and the MNIST Dataset

Intro Machine learning has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, and with libraries like TensorFlow, it seems like almost anything is possible. One interesting application of neural networks is in classification of handwritten characters – in this case digits. This article will go through the fundamentals of creating and using a specific […]

Design Patterns in JavaScript — Revisited

Intro My original post on this subject did not dive deep into true “design patterns” but rather on basic inheritance in JavaScript. Since inheritance can be done in multiple ways in JavaScript, how you choose to inherit is itself a design pattern. This particular article will look into implementing common OOP design patterns in JavaScript, […]

CSS Stacking Contexts

Intro Today we’ll be learning about a lesser-known feature of CSS: Stacking contexts. You may have been working on a project before and been surprised when you set the z-index for an element and it refused to move forward, remaining behind some other stubborn element. There’s a reason for this behavior, and that reason is […]